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Speeding up or Delaying Period the Natural Way

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this community but enjoy reading it since everyone is so open in sharing!  I'm not squirmy about talking about my period at all since that is how my mom raised me but some friends are, so I can't always talk to them about it.

Anyways, I was wondering what people know about speeding up or delaying your period not including contraceptives and such.  I've heard random things here and there and I'm not sure if they are true or just myths.  They are:

Stress can delay your period (I'm pretty sure this one is true).  Worrying about getting (or not getting) your period seems to delay it a couple of days as well.

Eating potatoes can speed up the arrival of your period and give you a heavy flow. (My friend told me this from experience...when she went to camp all they did was feed them potatoes so her flow was super heavy compared to her regular flows).  Once on a trip I also attempted to delay my period so I stayed far away from fries and chips and it seemed to work.

Sex or orgasms can induce the period to come?  I'm not sure about this but I've heard like when you know that it's about to come but it hasn't yet, it seems to come soon after an orgasm.  

Fasting can delay the period.  I read that this is because your body goes into survival mode and since it's not getting any food, it knows it can't have babies... I wouldn't recommend this one since it's not very healthy =P

So are there any other ways that you've heard or experienced in delaying or speeding up your period?

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