excessive bleeding.

Hi everyone! I am looking for some support/suggestions/experiences regarding excessive bleeding during periods.

I am currently on ortho evra (the patch) which I have been using for at least the last two years. My cycle is every 28 days with light spotting over the course of 3-4 days during my patch off week.

Last week, I had an awful period with cramping and a four hour period of excessive bleeding. I removed my patch on Sun 2/19 and hadn't seen any spotting until Thurs afternoon. Typically, I will see spotting two days after patch removal. So I had some spotting on thurs and nothing major. Noticed some cramping but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I went to bed and was woken up around 3:00am where I was just bleeding and bleeding. Its as if it wouldnt stop. I went and sat on the toilet after using three super tampons in about 45 mins. This is something that I have NEVER experienced even when I was off bc. After about almost four hours of this heavy bleeding, it eventually subsided. I then proceeded to have some spotting until this Tues 2/28.

For the last few weeks I have felt nauseous, sometimes dizzy, run down. My family has a history of endometriosis and early menopause. My sister also needed to have an ovary removed due to a grapefruit sized cyst on it.

I was concerned after talking to my sister and decided to go to the gyno. She did an exam and told me that she's hoping that this last period was just a "fluke" and not to be too concerned. She did a pelvic exam, felt around, pap smear and sent me to have my iron levels tested.

I can't help but worry that something is seriously wrong and the dr is just waiting until next time. What if I go a month or two without excessive bleeding and then it happens again? She suggested possibly changing birth control from patch to something else to see if that would help before doing an ultrasound. I'm just not sure if I should get a second opinion or what. I don't want to have an ultrasound done to ease my worries although it would be helpful and I also don't want to play around with different types of birth controls to stop the excessive bleeding.

Am I being to paranoid over this? I am 30 yrs old and am worried about missing my opportunity to have kids.
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menstrual hives and assorted problems / deploy hormone pill!

I've had periods so difficult that back in high school, I spent the first afternoon of it on the couch in the office. Nice thing it did for my social life...

..and hives, I already have bad skin problems, but come red tide, it gets so much worse.

I'm looking into starting on the pill for many many reasons (contraceptive being one of them), but primarily, I'll like to not feel like crap every month.

So which pill is best, for those of us with menstrual hives? The only one I know of is Yasmin, from the commercials, but um, what are you guys on?

ETA Nov 8th 2011: I have been on Aviane 28 for over 3 months now, and while I still have enzema problems, the really terrible menstrual hives are gone. Since it's low dose, I have some spotting before the last pill, but the /last/ period (third since pill) was so light, all I needed was a few pantyliners. I highly recommend starting the pill!

...it did make me tired and depressed in the beginning. I read that it depletes vitamin B, and with more beef, liver, and eggs in my diet (plus bananas and potatoes for potassium, which improves mood as well), I feel better now.
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Going off birth control...

So I have a potentially stupid question, but I have to ask.

My husband and I have decided we're ready to get pregnant. I've been on Seasonale for 3 1/2 years. We realized that in order to have a baby in April (the latest time of year we want to have a baby) we have to conceive in early-mid August.

If I stop taking my pill today, is there a possibility that I could conceive in August or would that simply be too small of a window for my body to go back to normal? I know everyone's different, but I just need to know if it's even a possibility? I tried doing some Google research but couldn't really get much of a picture.

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i just got birth control for the first time. i was prescribed Ortho tri cyclen, but when i went to the pharmacy they gave me trinessa.

so i figure no big deal right? I hope, i started reading internet stuff about it and got nothing but negative feedback so now im scared. I already opened the pack so i guess im going to try it for the month. Any positive stories on trinessa?

please? i just wanna be reassured i wont be all screwed up next month.
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derp didn't find anything.

Where can I find an awesome journal type item to track my cycle?
Besides the obvious "buy a journal and track" it.
I am having INCREASED craziness PMS related emotional changes due to my maybe too high of estrogen intake or some other reason that I will bring up with my midwife the 8th and i'd like to track it until NEXT April.

I mean non-electronic, hand and paper type cycle tracker. Not online...I don't remember use the online ones and I don't have a phone that is "smart".
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I think I figured out part of the Sherman method or something similar

Several months ago someone posted about the Sherman method in menstrual_cups .  That post got deleted, but the gist of it was that someone in Israel is teaching a method where women can control their periods.  It seemed like the idea was that you can sort of "blow your os" the way you blow your nose.  But you had to go to the seminars in Israel to learn how to do it.  I can't find the Sherman Method website now.  Maybe it's gone, or maybe it's not showing up in my search because the site isn't in English.

Anyway, shortly after I read that post, I started doing some breathing exercises called SRI.  I noticed that when I focused my breath on my lower abdoemen while I was on my period it caused me to gush.  When I do that at the beginning of my period it starts heavier and I have only one heavy day and then spotting.  Without doing the exercises, I have a heavy day, a medium day, then spotting.  I haven't been able to control my periods as much as Sherman claims that you can under her instruction, but I'm getting better with practice and it is an improvement!

What I do is I place my hands on my lower abdomen.  As I breathe in through my nose, I imagine that I'm filling the area under my hands with energy and breath, expanding the tissues.  Then I breathe out through my mouth and focus on contracting and emptying the area.  There is no bearing down.  The pelvic muscles are relaxed.  I do a few breaths while I'm in the shower or on the toilet.  When I do this at the beginning of my period I have some really heavy bleeding for the next few hours but it gets my period over with more quickly and is less crampy. 

Maybe it's all in my head, who knows, but it could be worth a try if anybody wants to give it a shot.  Let me know if it works for you!

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 My boyfriend got me a Android phone for Christmas and so I downloaded this app to predict my period based on when it has come in the last few months(My Days I think). My period has always been sort of weird....it'll come in between 27-34 days....so I have a week to expect it and the app told me one of the days in that week so I expected it to be quite accurate.

A few days before the week where I am expecting my period, my boyfriend and I got into the biggest...I don't know if you can really say it's an argument....but I guess just a situation that made me almost break up with him and all of these numb, confused, and depressed feelings lasted for a few days.

I didn't get my period that week....And a week had passed so I started to think...Shit...I'm pregnant? Nah...well maybe...

And well during this time him and I made up and our relationship got stronger and we feel closer to each other... 

So Yesterday was his birthday/parents' 23rd anniversary. Earlier in the day it was just him and I hanging out and I was treating him to his favorite things and buying him what he liked at the mall. I had a weird feeling in my tummy and I got my period. Really. Effing. Heavy. It wasn't that big of a deal because I caught it in time, but I was still super worried because I was wearing a short dress....a WHITE short dress...so the entire night that we were with his parents I was not only nervous about being around them and making them hate me, but getting my period blood all over Miami.

(we've been together for over a year and I have met them before but for some reason this was the first time I got to actually spend time with them and I totally won their love by getting them things that they love and apparently by being "shy and adorable)

So I went online searching for what could possibly be the reason for my period being so late( it hasn't been this late in over a year) and I have come to the conclusion that the stress from the argument threw my ovulating off.

I wouldn't mind getting pregnant with his baby....but I much rather wait till we're married at least.

What are the odds?

Okay, so first I want to apologize if this post is all over the place . . . it's 4 in the morning and I'm not really right in the head at this hour. :/

I haven't had a period since 7 August (the first day of my last period). 6 months and 3 days ago, I had a tubal ligation along with removal of endometriosis. There were two spots she couldn't remove because they were too dangerous. One spot was on the artery that supplies my left ovary - yet ALL of my pain is on my right side - and the other spot is on my colon.

I had a shot of Lupron on 14 June and was told it would fix the problem. Wrong. It was supposed to stop my periods, yet I bled in July, I bled in August, both were very heavy - like always - and both were almost a week long, complete with the excruciating pain. The Lupron shot was a 3mo one, instead of the one month one, and it made me sooooooooo crazy, I decided I wasn't going to go through that mess again. I was an emotional roller coaster ride from h---, and I was scaring not only my family and friends around me, I was scared of myself. Yeah, it was that bad. :( I've never had Lupron before, and I don't think it would've taken that long to stop my period, but . . . yikes. I'm scared out of my wits right now as to what the heck is going on inside my body.

There has been only two major stressors, but stress really doesn't cause me to miss my period. I've been having periods since I was 13 years old, and whenever I've been under stress, my periods were always heavier. The only two stressors that I endured were a house fire which was the beginning of August, the 2nd day of my period, and I had an issue with someone who I had moved into her old house and she was going to rent it to me, just to bring her ex-husband into the mix, and . . .well, it was a mess, but I've since moved on, and I handled it with far more grace than I thought I had in me. I've gone through worse, trust me. I've never, ever missed a period b/c of stress, and I don't get stressed very easily. There are things that do get to me, but I rant for a day, and I'm fine after that. This is just . . . I'm . . . needless to say, this is not normal for me to miss a period. Not unless I'm expecting. I have had 3 children - one of which was a stillbirth - and four miscarriages. The most recent being 26 July last year. :(

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Thank you in advance for any and all information you may be able to offer. I put the warning and a cut as possible triggers, as I don't know who may have endured such a horrible thing, and I do not want to upset anyone.
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heyyy quick question everyone!! I was on Depo for a while then stopped and so did my periods. I had one after months back in august, like the 19th...after some heavy fingering with my bf i come home and im bleeding...it could be that he did it toooo hard or it 'jump started' my period. is this possible?

advice please?
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OK this might be a stupid question but i really need to get on birth control and i called the doctors office and they aren't telling me anything.

Do i need to go to an OBYGN or can i go to the doctor? I guess this doctor that my friend goes to I have an appointment for September, and they said they can do pap smears or whatever..but I'm really confused can you help me?
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