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 My boyfriend got me a Android phone for Christmas and so I… - The Menstrual Hut — LiveJournal

About  My boyfriend got me a Android phone for Christmas and so I…

Previous Entry Jan. 23rd, 2011 @ 03:44 pm Next Entry
 My boyfriend got me a Android phone for Christmas and so I downloaded this app to predict my period based on when it has come in the last few months(My Days I think). My period has always been sort of weird....it'll come in between 27-34 days....so I have a week to expect it and the app told me one of the days in that week so I expected it to be quite accurate.

A few days before the week where I am expecting my period, my boyfriend and I got into the biggest...I don't know if you can really say it's an argument....but I guess just a situation that made me almost break up with him and all of these numb, confused, and depressed feelings lasted for a few days.

I didn't get my period that week....And a week had passed so I started to think...Shit...I'm pregnant? Nah...well maybe...

And well during this time him and I made up and our relationship got stronger and we feel closer to each other... 

So Yesterday was his birthday/parents' 23rd anniversary. Earlier in the day it was just him and I hanging out and I was treating him to his favorite things and buying him what he liked at the mall. I had a weird feeling in my tummy and I got my period. Really. Effing. Heavy. It wasn't that big of a deal because I caught it in time, but I was still super worried because I was wearing a short dress....a WHITE short dress...so the entire night that we were with his parents I was not only nervous about being around them and making them hate me, but getting my period blood all over Miami.

(we've been together for over a year and I have met them before but for some reason this was the first time I got to actually spend time with them and I totally won their love by getting them things that they love and apparently by being "shy and adorable)

So I went online searching for what could possibly be the reason for my period being so late( it hasn't been this late in over a year) and I have come to the conclusion that the stress from the argument threw my ovulating off.

I wouldn't mind getting pregnant with his baby....but I much rather wait till we're married at least.
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Date:February 26th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
I'm going to have to look for that app!

But yeah, you're right, stress can make a period late, and it sounds like it was a super stressful time.
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