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The Menstrual Hut
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Women's rights and info on reproduction - including menstruation, birth control and menopause.
Traditions, remedies, rants, and stories compose the conversation in the Menstrual Hut. This is the place to slip off your bra, unbutton your pants, and relax a little with others who stop by to exalt and bemoan the gift of menses.

A place to share your wisdom, scream your head off, complain, and tell jokes, the Menstrual Hut also welcomes insight and thoughts into the journey of menopause. There has been little discussion here of this transitional time as the blood wanes. It is such an important time of creativity and strength that we particularly urge those who are experiencing it to check in with their discoveries of this next stage in our shared humanity.

And now, a note or two from the Moderator.

There have been a few questions about what's on-topic and what's off... it boils down to this.

Women's health / reproductive / sexuality issues, with Menstruation as the crown jewel. I hope that clears things up. Thanks!

Membership will be granted to anyone who will keep a civil, non-insulting manner, and has an interest in the subject at hand.

*PLEASE* - I try not to censor too much, but I do ask that any graphics that might be considered offensive in a workplace environment be warned off with the lj-cut tag, and not used as icons. I also simply ask that you not change the font's size, face or color, just for continuity's sake. Thanks, and Enjoy the hut! -- scottobear

ps... if you're viewing the hut through your own lj page, you can change the settings to only show pictures of the hut's default icon instead of the users. see - Modify journal for more information.

Frequently asked questions are periodically updated here, in memories

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